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Having a baby changes many, many things and included in that long list is your body and your wardrobe!

It presents a lot challenges, starting with having to dress your growing bump, to having to transition back from maternity clothes to your pre-preggie clothes (which don’t always fit) and let’s not forget boob access if you’re breastfeeding. Chances are you aren’t totting off to the office every day either, so all the work dresses, suits and heels you’ve relied on probably aren’t seeing many outings. Combine all of this and it can leave you with pretty depressing wardrobe options each day!

At Lola & Syd, we want women who are juggling bumps and babes to feel good without having to spend a fortune. We have put together a range of styling sessions, from group workshops to one on one styling sessions, designed to help you feel a little more put together on a daily basis. The below services are currently available in Sydney and Brisbane. We aim to conduct our sessions in a relaxed and enjoyable format. Day sessions can accommodate little ones if needed, and we also conduct night sessions if you and you friends would prefer to sip and style. Please email us at or contact us here for details and we will be in touch.
Styling Services
Accessories Workshop –
1.5 hours - $150 (for groups up to 15)
Our bodies are constantly changing in pregnancy and post-pregnancy so it doesn’t always make sense to spend a lot on clothes that may not work in a month’s time. Accessories are a much better investment, because they are always going to fit! Winner! In this workshop, we will show you how to work with a range of suitable accessories, from statement pieces to simple classics, that will help give your outfits an edge without breaking the bank. Perfect for a group of friends, work colleagues or mother's group.
Group Styling Workshop –
1.5 hrs - $150 (for groups up to 15)
Having kids limits clothing options somewhat. You may have to take into consideration breastfeeding, little grabbing fingers, and vegemite hands just to name a few! You need versatile pieces that work for a range of occasions in stylish yet easy to care for fabrics. In this session, we look at current season styles suitable for a range of shapes and sizes, and how to work accessories into these looks. Perfect for some inspiration if you are feeling a little blah. Grab a group of friends, or organize with your mother’s group for a change one week.
Small Group Styling Session –
2.5 hrs $250 (for groups up to 5)
Slightly more targeted sessions that look at your key pieces and how to make them work. We encourage you and your friends to bring your top five go-to pieces and look at ways to mix and match, identify any pieces that may increase versatility, and look at accessories that will add an edge. Perfect for a group of friends or mother's group.
One-on-one Styling Session –
2 hours - $200
So you have a wardrobe full of clothes but nothing to wear each day? In this one on one session we will go through your warbrobe with you. We will help you work with what you’ve got, piece it together and identify any gaps. We will also work with accessories to coordinate a number of different looks with key pieces so that you have outfits suitable for all occasions.

Shopping Trip – please contact us for pricing and locations.