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Welcome to Lola & Syd's brand spanking new website!

It's been in the works for a while and it's finally here - the new Lola & Syd website!

As those of you who have visited and shopped with us before will see, we have made a few changes to the store and the concept. 

After talking to a ton of mummies, Lola & Syd founder Sally Dwyer realised that there is a need for a style destination for mothers who wish to remain stylish throughout their pregnancies and mothering years, without succumbing to less than fabulous clothes and limited accessories. 

The aim of the new Lola & Syd website is to provide mothers and mothers to be with stylish options for accessories and bags, useful items to help them navigate the often unglamourous business of motherhood, as well as a beautiful range of accessories and gifts for babies and kids.

We will also chat to mothers about their style and how it's evolved, as well as looking at ways in which to make you feel a little more glam on a daily basis.

So whether you're a mother, looking for a present for a mother or baby, or just like fun accessories, we hope you will find something that takes your fancy at Lola & Syd!

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